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Hiii people!All right with you

I came to talk to you today about one of the best shops in China, the one that everyone drool haha!TheYoins Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a virtual store that has a pieces that makes me jaw on the floor so beautiful. The price compared to other website is a bit more expensive, but I think this is due to quality, as I have never had something physical of them I do not have full ownership to speak. As I've seen some videos from bloggers, the quality seems to be superior.

They are with some super, mega, deals! It is worth taking a look.

latest cute tops for women

stylish women sweaters online

On the site you find clothing of different styles and prices.Having pieces for both the cold and the heat as well.They launch collections according to each season, but do not fail to provide for previous season.

I hope you enjoyed. Super kiss and see you next time.
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Oiii people!

All right with you?

   Today I brought a tip to make MARA! Do you know those expensive and baffling makes Dior, NYX, Lime Crime, Mac? ... It's expensive and very difficult to find, right?

   Calm down that I brought a solution. This week wordmakeup contacted me to make a post and introduce the site to you. When I entered the site I simply got it because it is very cheap (even if it is in dollars the value pays off a lot!) And you still have the option to buy samples that are cheaper and you can still test without spending too much. 

  You can also see the feedback that the store received from the latest sales. Ah, according to them, all disputes made by customers were resolved. Pass some confidence right?

   If they send me some product or I resolve to buy (I'm very tempted to do that haha) I will bring the review for you for sure, including payment information, delivery time, delivery mode, quality, service and all that there we we need to know!

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Oiii gentee! Tudo bem com vocês?
Finalmente um post sobre os recebidos né? Pra hoje nós temos a queridinha do canal, a Rosegal que trabalha com frete grátis em algumas peças e aceita pagamento por boleto bancário. Mara né não?

Bora ver o que chegou ?

 Iai, o que acharma ? Comentem tudo aqui em baixo! Super beijo e até mais <3

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Oii gente! Tudo bem com vocês?

Hoje eu lhes trouxe um post de utilidade pública! Sabemos que vivemos na era digital, sempre conectados em chats com os amigos, postando selfies e fazendo compras. Eu que sempre indico lojas aqui no blog e que sou uma compradora fiel de plataformas digitais, vim lhes apresentar o é um site SUPER BACANA que disponibiliza cupons de desconto de grandes empresas como AmericanasWalmartZattiniSubmarinoExtra e muitos outros!

 É muito simples de usar: vá até o site,escolha a loja que deseja ter cupom e copie para colocar no final de sua compra. Fácil né ?

Se vocês usarem me digam o que acharam! Espero que tenham gostado. Super beijo e até a próxima.

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Listinha de desejos - Zaful

Hi people! All right with you?

I have not had a wish list for some time, have you? The store that I'm going to talk to today is Zaful in sunflower print dress The cool of this post is that in addition to tracing the goal of pieces that I need / want / miss in my wardrobe is also a great suggestion for those who want to know in these stores we can pick up alternative things. Bora there?

The cool thing about Zaful is that most, if not all, of the pieces have a fashion appeal and not to mention the great price.The quality is not behind because I have pieces of them here that I always use and are still in 
perfect condition.

Oh, it's worth remembering that freight is free for purchases over 30 dollars, enjoy!

Kisses and until next time!


Oiii gente! Tudo bem com vocês ?
Eu perguntei lá no meu instagram ( @michaeles_design ) sobre o que vocês achavam de ter vídeos/posts de looks góticos, alternativos e trevosos haha com roupas da China. Vocês super aprovaram a ideia ( o que me deixou muito feliz ) e eu fiz o primeiro vídeo teste, espero muito que vocês gostem!

 Não esqueçam de dar muito like pra ser quadro fixo por aqui <3

 Meia arrastão curta
Vestido transparente
Blusa de dentro
Colar de pirata
Vestido de lua
Calça rasgada
Batom matte

Beijos e até a próxima!

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Crop Tops Black - Rosegal

Hi people!All right with you?Today I brought a store that is already known here in the blog that is Rosegal. Today I'm going to show the crop tops black for you to meet.
If you think that you can not pick up some gothic things, that's incredible in China's stores, because we think of EVERYTHING and for ALL styles.

Rosegal has free shipping and accepts payment by boleto bancário, besides having a huge variety of products.

The most interesting thing about the store is that it can reach various audiences / styles.That's exactly why I tell her to you, because I believe you will love her.
Do you know what is best? You still get a discount of up to 33% using the rgen coupon! You want some new clothes, why not take a look around here? Summer sales, everything from 33% off. Use rgen 10% off!
Did you already know the store?Tell me the comments here!Kisses and even more!

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